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Attention to all applicants:

Engaging in the deliberate act of utilizing the system to apply for these documents using false information and/or without the requisite authorization as defined by the PSA is an unmistakable case of misrepresentation, marked by a clear intent to deceive. This conduct constitutes a stark violation of Republic Act 10173 also known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012, leaving perpetrators liable to prosecution under Philippine law. Furthermore, the presentation of a Valid ID to the system's authorized couriers without the requesting party's knowledge and consent, with the purpose of claiming a Civil Registry Document, is equally subject to criminal prosecution.

We urge you to consider the implications and repercussions carefully before proceeding with an application for a Civil Registry Document.

If any doubts or questions linger, we encourage you to reach out to through its various communication channels for further clarification.

Let this serve as a stern reminder of the legal consequences tied to these actions. Your compliance with the law is not only expected but vital.

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